• DFNS Apparel Launder Flight 85 ml
  • DFNS Apparel Launder Flight 85 ml
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DFNS Apparel Launder Flight 85 ml


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DFNS Apparel Launder Flight 85 ml

What if you could do less laundry and still feel fresh? Now, you can. DFNS Apparel Launder refreshes reshape and de-wrinkles your clothes in just a few easy steps. It’s water-based and free of fluorocarbons which makes it safe for you, your clothes, and the environment. And it means you do less laundry—saving time, money, and energy in the long run.



• Water-based

• Biodegradable

• Free of fluorocarbons

• Flight friendly

• 85ML Airopack = 300ML

• Neutralizes odor

GreenTag verified VOC Free



Live the Green way!

We choose to make the world better day by day! We all owe it to nature but even more to our own lives! It's time for you to leave your own green footprint. By choosing ecological cleaners to keep your favorite shoes perfect, you also make the world a better place!

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