Crop has been added to Slamdunk's services to give visitors and consumers another experience. Starting from Heraklion, it comes to the market of Athens to meet and get to know its audience. It not only offers the necessary and essential caffeine to start your day, but it also gives you the opportunity to choose the taste and flavor that your drink will have.

Roasted coffee since 2012 where you can find both espresso and filter coffee=. There are three options to choose the one that suits you best, based on the drink you want to drink. For filter coffee, you choose both the origin and the extraction technique that suits you best. Coffee from Brazil or Ethiopia with extraction either in batch brew (if time is chasing you) or in Aeropress with a juicier body and distinct acids or in Clever Dripper with more balance and long aftertaste. If you drink espresso, frozen or hot, in addition to the same origins, you can also choose the seasonal NBA Blend with coffees from Nicaragua (30%), Brazil (50%) and Ethiopia (20%) which is "built" after grinding. receive your order. You will also find 2 decoctions, one from Cretan herbs and the other from red fruits. In the summer months you have the opportunity to choose cold brew coffee or tea to further enrich your flavors! 

Both the Slamdunk and Crop stores have something in common. They are NOT stores. They are two places that house their passion and have the vision and willingness to share it with the public. Apart from our common origin, we have the same passion for what we offer.
The service for us is not just collection. It is a discussion, sharing knowledge, exchanging views in order to make the consumer feel happy and enjoy the time that remains with us. Interactive sales in addition to making the consumer active and giving him a pleasant mood for what he chooses have another great good. By listening to opinions, opinions and any complaints, we become better at the service we offer and create a stronger relationship of trust with consumers.

We thank the consumers who choose us every day and reward them by making them members of our store. With the membership card that is personalized to each consumer, we receive a 20% discount on their drinks. They can use them every day and as many times as they want.

Customers of Slamdunk & Dildo stores will receive a 10% discount coupon with each purchase to use at Crop Coffee Spot whenever they want.

Slamdunk X Crop Cafe

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