• Jordan Playground Basketball 8P Ν6
  • Jordan Playground Basketball 8P Ν6
  • Jordan Playground Basketball 8P Ν6
  • Jordan Playground Basketball 8P Ν6
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Jordan Playground Basketball 8P Ν6


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Jordan Playground Basketball 8P Ν6

This Nike Jordan Playground basketball ball made of rubber and designed with embossed pattern. It is designed to give you top performance in your workouts and competitions. It also has deep grooves that offer unique control.


• Composition: 100% rubber

• Exterior surface made of rubber suitable for outdoor games

• Embossed pattern for stability

• Deep grooves for better control

Extra Details

• Jordan logo

• Color: Black / Grey


About Jordan

Before the Brand AIR JORDAN, all basketball shoes were white. This rule (known as the "51 percent" rule, abolished in the late 2000s) only begins to describe the sheer size of the changes that were to take place in the sport of basketball and the shoe industry once Michael Jordan entered the NBA. Since the arrival of Michael and the release of the first AIR JORDAN, both the game and the industry have been completely transformed. Every year, a new AIR JORDAN is unveiled. An annual event, since its debut in 1985, where every reveal was met with growing anticipation by the media, industry, and the buying public. AIR JORDAN continuously dominates the sales and demand market, establishing with each model higher benchmarks in design, innovation and performance for the entire sports footwear industry. At the heart of the franchise is the perfect synergy between athlete and technology - Michael Jordan, the best player in basketball history and the shoes he has worn throughout his career that demonstrates his unwavering commitment to performance, innovation and his achievements. Today's AIR JORDAN continues to be based on the franchise's rich history in innovative design and uncompromising performance. Inspired by the greatest game ever played, the franchise continues to lead and shape the sports shoe industry by taking it one step further. As Michael's legend continues to grow, Brand's legacy lives on.

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